A relaxing yet lively New York town located a short drive from the heart of New York City.

Welcome to Harrison

An easy-going community with a vibrant and diverse character
Harrison is a relaxing yet lively New York town located a short drive from the heart of New York City. Being a suburban town, it has a family-friendly feel with excellent schools and is a great draw for growing families and young professionals looking to set up roots in a growing and diverse community. Locals love to take advantage of the easy and reliable public transportation to New York and New England. The lack of getting stuck in New York traffic is a draw for the growing number of working professionals seeking a quieter living experience.

While Harrison is an excellent place to raise a family, the area still has the feel of a large town, with plenty of amenities perfect for daily life, and has excellent proximity to local spots for relaxation either on a warm summer evening or a weekend out. The area is minutes away from the coast, meaning a beach day with friends and family is quite common.

What to Love

  • Distance from the city with an easy commute with trains that start at this station
  • Cultural and educational opportunities
  • Nature preserves and beaches

Local Lifestyle

Harrison loves to embrace a more relaxing form of life that results from amazing green spaces, private golf, and pool club, easy beach access, and the host of historic and nature preserves in the area. As a tightly-knit and vibrant community, residents love to spend time with each other at one of the local golf courses or other entertainment venues. The green spaces make it easy to take your pet to a park or find some shade to read a book. It’s very common to see families enjoying the warm, pleasant, and sunny weather by spending it on the water, whether swimming, boating, or enjoying watersports in the calm waters surrounding the area.

With some of the local colleges and universities in the area, it’s very common to see college students spending time together, especially while collaborating with homework, and studying for tests. The student body is an important part of Harrison, especially as they bring vibrancy to the town while working in some of the local restaurants.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

While the Harrison area is an easy-going, quieter area, the community is still home to several important restaurants that have grown into important staples in the region. Gus’s Franklin Park Restaurant is a local, family-run seafood restaurant that specializes in locally caught fresh seafood. For a warm and homey dining experience, visit Piero’s Restaurant where they serve up family-style Italian fare. For a more sophisticated dining experience, visit Emilio’s. For some summer outdoor dining, visit Trattoria Vivolo, another top-rated Italian restaurant that has a more family-friendly feel.

Halstead Avenue is the main commercial area of Harrison, being the place for many local boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. This area is home to grocery stores, pharmacies, and other family necessities and close to home.

Several of the bars and restaurants in the area love to host local bands, especially those trying to make a name for themselves from New York City. For a great date night in the big city, you have access to world-class entertainment in either Connecticut or New York City a short drive away.

Things to Do

Harrison has amazing events throughout the year that celebrate the local arts, culture, and cuisine. The Great to Live in Harrison Day is a celebration of life in Harrison. It celebrates the local businesses and restaurants. During the Christmas season, the lighting of the Christmas tree is staple residents love to attend and a popular family-friendly event.

Summertime is an excellent time to take advantage of local culture. Harrison Music in the Park features local musicians, while Italian Festa is a celebration of the Italian culture that molded the region. Finally, for some more active fun with friends, visit the Harrison Meadows golf club.


Harrison highlights some amazing colleges and universities. Students from all over the region and country flock to the area for the education and the allures of the relaxed lifestyle.



(YTD As Of 10/31/2022)
YTD Sold
To 10/31/2022

YTD Sold
To 10/31/2022
Change On Market
(List Price)
(List Price)
 Under 500K 2 0 -2 1 0
 5K – 1.0M 50 25 -25 6 6
 1.0M-1.5M 44 32 -12 4 9
 1.5M-2.0M 42 30 -12 7 2
 2.0M-2.5M 15 21 +2 8 5
 2.5M-3.0M 16 17 +1 3 2
 3.0M-3.5M 11 11 0 7 2
 3.5-4.0M 3 7 +4 6 0
 4.0-5.0M 4 2 -2 5 1
 5M-10.0M 1 2 +1 4 0
 10M+ 0 0 0 0 0
 Total Homes 188 147 -41 51 27
 Aver Px  $1,689K $1,992K +18% $2,836K $1,749K
 Aver Sq Ft 4403 4678 +6% 5814 4350
 Aver $/ Sq Ft $383 $426 +11% $509 $412
 Median Px $1,465K $1,756K        +19% $2,495K $1,399K
 DOM 70 50 -29% 106 49


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