An active and lively coastal New York town located roughly one hour north of New York City.

Welcome to Rye

A picturesque, coastal village with a bustling beach area

Rye, settled in 1660  is an active and lively coastal New York town located about 45 minutes north of New York City, with a family-friendly suburban feel. Rye attracts professionals who work in the CIty but want to get away from the busy work environment. Families love Rye for its balance of work and play; the city’s schools consistently rank among the best in the nation, excelling by virtually any metric, and those who join Rye Golf Club can hit the links or the pool at their leisure. With an expansive coast line, several beaches, and plenty of attractions, there is much to see and do in this tightly knit community, including the coastal amusement park. 


Rye hits an excellent balance of work and play, urban and suburban. Besides schools, golf, and beaches, the area is host to several large-town amenities, such as expansive shopping areas and restaurants, as well as top-notch schools perfect for growing families. The area is dotted with historic sites and buildings.  

What to Love

  • Amazing beaches 
  • Excellent schools
  • Big town amenities with a suburban feel
  • Picturesque and historic locations 
  • Rye Golf Club
  • Open waterfront

Local Lifestyle

The Rye area loves to enjoy the water and make use of the sandy beaches. Residents take advantage of the summer weather by boating via the marina or private clubs, relaxing in one of the various parks with a picnic or walking a pet. Working professionals and growing families appreciate the commutable distance to New York City and some of the best public transport in the county. Purchase Street is a quaint commercial area located further inland from the coast. It is filled with boutiques, family-owned restaurants, and lively bars.


Rye highlights some amazing schools. The area is host to some of the best schools in the New York area. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Ruby’s Oyster Bar and Bistro has sophisticated small plates with a local take on seafood freshly caught in the region. For pub snacks and American food, visit Kelly’s Sea Level, perfect for making friends with the locals, or watching New York sports. A favored date night spot is Aurora, where you find authentic Italian food and some of the best pizza in the Rye area. Finally, for a special occasion, visit Averna Italian Steakhouse and enjoy a prime cut of juicy steak.


Purchase Street is the best shopping area in Rye, with a host of local boutiques and small businesses for home goods, clothes, and local produce. For freshly-sourced produce, visit Rye Country Store, or June and Ho grocery stores that celebrate local farmers and the fruits, vegetables, and meats from the New York area. 


In the summer, live music is a staple of the area with local bands and musicians entertaining patrons in the bars and restaurants. With the proximity to New York City, having access to world-class entertainment is just an hour's drive away to catch a Broadway show or a concert. 

Things to Do

The Rye area is renowned for a host of attractions and local events, regardless of the time of year. Rye Beach (and adjacent Oakland Beach) is a main attraction, a 1,200-foot-long sandy beach within walking distance of Playland Amusement Park. Do some boating with friends at Rye Marina and drop anchor with other boaters in the area. For some more active fun, head to Rye Golf Club or the Rye YMCA for more family-friendly fun while staying in shape. The two courses at the Golf Club (the Old and Jubilee courses) are patterned after traditional links, having been open over a century. 


Nature and history are huge parts of the region as well. To learn more about the local wildlife, visit the Edith Reade Sanctuary, Rye Nature Center, or Whitby Castle, perfect for a quick weekend trip with the kids. 


The local farmers' market is a perfect place to buy local groceries and mingle with residents. Mistletoe Magic is a Holiday market bringing out local businesses and restaurants. For some good competitive fun, try the Turkey Trot run. Finally, the local Rye Arts Festival is a weekend celebrating local arts and artisans.


Rye City

(YTD As Of 10/31/2022)
YTD Sold
To 10/31/2022

YTD Sold
To 10/31/2022
Change On Market
(List Price)
(List Price)
 Under 500K 1 1 0 0 0
 5K – 1.0M 18 12 -6 5 3
 1.0M-1.5M 39 32 -7 5 4
 1.5M-2.0M 42 27 -15 0 7
 2.0M-2.5M 33 24 -9 2 4
 2.5M-3.0M 19 20 +1 1 1
 3.0M-3.5M 14 15 +1 1 2
 3.5-4.0M 7 12 +5 2 0
 4.0-5.0M 6 14 +8 3 2
 5M-10.0M 11 10 -1 6 2
 10M+ 1 1 0 1 1
 Total Homes 191 168 -23 26 26
 Aver Px  $2,261K $2,616K +16% $3,793K $2,812K
 Aver Sq Ft 3627 3726 +3% 4381 3845
 Aver $/ Sq Ft $623 $702 +13% $818 $693
 Median Px $1,925K $2,267K        +18% $3,099K $1,947K
 DOM 47 36 -23% 141 39

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